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Teaching Speaking to Adult Individuals

Updated: Mar 16, 2022


  1. IELTS Speaking Section Part 2 (Students should take a minute to prepare and take notes with the subsequent speaking of at least two minutes.)

NB Learn to ask follow up questions. Establish a rapport. Be interested in your students’ personal and professional lives to make the questions more reliable. Be a person that thinks about life and asks questions.

The Established Procedure

  1. Model the answer, i.e. speak yourself (in case of IELTS Speaking. Can be skipped with the other two. Make sure you express your thoughts every now and then though, so your lesson does not turn into a monologue or a questioning session).

  2. Ask your student to speak. Take notes on any grammar and vocabulary mistakes, as well as some successful samples. Try not to interrupt. Ask follow up questions. Dig deep.

  3. Go over your notes. See the error correction post.

  4. Create a Quizlet set for the vocabulary mistakes as well as the new words and send it to your student before the subsequent lesson.

  5. Start a new lesson with the Quizlet set revision. Periodically revise the sets. Make a Quizlet test.

NB If you see that your student is unfamiliar with or needs to revise a grammar topic, start the new lesson with the presentation or any other form of revision and assign homework.

For a detailed discussion and demonstration on how to teach individual students over Zoom see this playlist and a sample lesson.

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