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Pairwork: What, When and Why?

Some of the important features of the communicative approach to language teaching are enhanced interaction and lessons that are student- rather than teacher-centered. These features assume increased student talking time and cooperation. One way to reach this is to implement pairwork or groupwork.


Pairwork is a stage at a lesson when students:

  • Work together to complete a certain task

  • Have a discussion


  • Students tend to be less self-conscious when talking to a peer than to a teacher. This promotes fluency

  • Pairwork takes the pressure of providing correct answers off your students' shoulders

  • It develops soft skills, such as teamwork

  • It helps you save time


  • At the Lead-in, Task 2 and Follow-up stages of a skill-based lesson

  • At Controlled Practice and Freer Practice stages of a language-based lesson

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